About Dr. Lucinda T. Grapenthin

Education and Background

Dr. Grapenthin is a licensed psychologist who earned a doctoral degree in psychology from Indiana State University with a specialization in clinical child psychology. She completed her internship at the Hawthorn Center, Northville, MI in an inpatient/outpatient facility for children with chronic mental health issues. Dr. Grapenthin has lived and worked in Georgia for almost 20 years and prior to that practiced in Northern California and the Chicago area. She worked as a school psychologist in the Daly City Schools and in the Chicago suburbs.


  • Georgia Psychological Association (GPA)
  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Georgia Association of Play Therapy (GAPT)
  • Association of Play Therapy (APT)
  • Jung Society
  • Georgia Association of School Psychology (GASP)
  • Theraplay Institute