Dr. Lucinda T. Grapenthin
Child and Family Psychologist | Children’s Author | Professor | Workshop Leader

For Parents

For Parents

Using a variety of proven practices, Dr. Grapenthin provides therapy and counseling for the family unit, as well as for the parents, either individually or as a couple. These include supporting the parent during their child or adolescent’s issues, as well as any conflict with the child, the family, or the partner.

Through the interactions between the child and parents in her book, Toby, Toby, Worry Free, Dr. Grapenthin illustrates a key parenting technique:

The PAUSE Approach guides parents and caregivers through five steps to enhance their effectiveness in dealing with challenging behaviors. Children have their own unique experiences, sensations, and temperament. Often, caretakers are perplexed and overwhelmed when confronted with their child’s emotions. By practicing The PAUSE Approach, caretakers learn how to intervene with intense feelings for better outcomes and less tears.

P = PAUSE to breathe and be calm.

A = ATTUNE with your child’s feelings, harmonizing with unconditional acceptance.

U = UNDERSTAND there may be more to the behavior than what the child is sharing.

S = SURVEY the surrounding environment, noticing if there are contributing factors to your child’s reactions.

E = ENGAGE while staying calm in a relaxed appearance.

Dr. Grapenthin offers workshops for parents:

  • Peaceful Parenting
  • Enhanced Listening to Better Talk with your Teen
  • The Tense Teen: How to Prevent, Manage, and Reduce Stress
  • Raising Resilient Adolescents
  • What is underneath that NO?